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The Buyer’s Journey

How do you stay relevant
and engaging?

Successful marketing means ignoring the temptation to just talk about your business, and instead talk about your customer’s journey. The customer should be central to your marketing story because their need is the reason you have a business. By putting yourself in the customer’s shoes you can design the journey around them, so that it flows naturally.

A buyer’s journey is made up of three stages

1. Awareness – I have a problem

Sometimes a customer doesn’t realise they have a problem until you ask them some key questions, or point out their tension for change.

2. Consideration – looking at options

Why “sell” when you can guide? Give information, let them work through the different routes they could take, and understand how you fit in as a solution. Make it easy for them to find information – but don’t bombard them with it.

3. Decision – choosing an option

When the buyer eventually decides, you want to be the one they choose. You have presented the options, they understand what you do better or differently, and you have their trust. In marketing it’s tempting to go for the close straight away. But this journey, often presented as the sales cycle, can take days, weeks, even months – sometimes they will go through steps 1 and 2 several times before making a decision. By helping your buyer through this process with content that shows understanding, empathy, and helps them solve their problem, you are no longer ‘selling’ – but you are much more likely to get the close as a result.

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