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What do our clients say?


“Kristin came in, looked at our entire process from start to end, automated the entire lot for us; we can now place literally 10 times as many people … my business would not be where it is today without the support from Kristin with the processes, the automation and the genuine understanding of my business.”

Tanya Burrage, Director – Dream Au Pair and KiwiOz Nannies


“Everything is automated now so it has freed up our time so we can spend more time doing things that will grow the business and be more efficient in the business. It’s not taking our time to do those menial tasks that are so time consuming but are are still really important”.

Debbie Roberts, Director and CFO – Property Apprentice


“In the last year we have quadrupled in size and if we didn’t have these systems in place, we simply wouldn’t be able to keep our heads above water.”

William Lockie, Marketing Manager – WOOP.


Kristin was a godsend. We were really struggling with Infusionsoft. It’s such a powerful and complex tool, and we never felt we were in control or using it properly to promote and automate our business. Then, we found Kristin and all that changed. She quickly grasped our business priorities and helped us to implement effective marketing and business automations that truly met our objectives. Her attention to detail has been incredible and her insights into how to get the most out of Infusionsoft are transforming our business. And she’s an absolute delight to work with, friendly, responsive, understanding and focused.

Christiana Stergiou (Co-Founder)


“If you are looking for, not just a customer automation software, but also to clarify your business message, your buyer persona and communication channels, Kristin will skillfully guide you through the whole process. She listens to your needs and wants, and kindly challenges you to define your offering, whilst keeping in mind possible software options and implications. I highly recommend working with Kristin at any point of your journey to expand you reach and automate your online engagement.”

Ivana Bozicevic, Leadership Coach, New Zealand

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Your marketing, sales, accounts and reporting systems are the inputs and outputs, but the real driving power is your delivery system – your engine. When the engine is running smoothly, your team can focus on the important things – like growth, personal customer relationships, quality control, continuous improvement, and client satisfaction.

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