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Lead Generation Marketing

Lead Generation Marketing via digital and social marketing. Relationship building, touch points and lead nurture.

First Contact

Finding new customers is an essential part of a healthy business. Lead Generation Marketing via Digital marketing and social media are powerful tools that combine with traditional advertising, SEO, and even referral and word of mouth, to reach potential customers and introduce them to your brand, and start the conversation.

Know who you’re talking to

For any marketing to work, but particularly digital, a good first step is to develop a buyer’s persona. Having a detailed profile of your typical (ideal!) customer, knowing their motivations, interests, likes and dislikes, and understanding their issues, means you can speak to them more effectively.

The journey starts here

Lead Generation Marketing is not making sales. A lead is a potential customer who has embarked on a journey; from being aware that they have a problem or need, to recognising you as a potential solution, to being ready to make that commitment to buy: it typically takes 7-12 touch-points before a prospect becomes a customer. Lead nurturing is a process that takes time, and patience.

Working smarter

In the old days selling was a “numbers game” – make enough cold calls and eventually you’ll get a sale. But that’s changed. These days customers want to do their research, take their time, and follow their own journey without being chased. Putting valuable sales resource into prospects that aren’t ready is not just a frustrating waste of time: it’s costing you business.

“If you are looking for, not just a customer automation software, but also to clarify your business message, your buyer persona and communication channels, Kristin will skillfully guide you through the whole process. She listens to your needs and wants, and kindly challenges you to define your offering, whilst keeping in mind possible software options and implications. I highly recommend working with Kristin at any point of your journey to expand you reach and automate your online engagement”

Ivana Bozicevic, Leadership Coach, New Zealand

We can help you with your Lead Generation Marketing...

Finding new customers is an essential part of a healthy business. Your lead generation marketing and customer touch points need to be built on knowing your customer, understanding their journey, speaking their language. By nurturing a lead you make the sale – and build a lasting relationship at the same time.

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