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It's All About Time

Why systemise your business?

Why systemise your business? Because the operation becomes more efficient, more productive, and, most importantly, your stars have more time to work on growth and relationships rather than being bogged down in process.

Reverse Engineering

It starts at the end! By knowing your reporting wish-list, we can begin to work backwards: what’s the accounting software? How can we optimise the marketing system so that the two talk to each other, giving a solid 360 view of where the wins are – and the hurdles.

Working alongside these, and just as critical, is the system that delivers your product or service – or your ‘engine.’ It needs to be optimised to cope with whatever volume of work will come, it needs to be customer-centric, and it needs to be accountable, delivering ROI on your marketing investment. If you’re automating a process, it needs to be consistent and reliable – so that everybody knows how it works and what to expect.

Plugging In the Sales Team

Your delivery system – engine – needs to speak to your sales software, but both need to talk to the accounting and reporting systems too – and all of that needs integration with your CRM and marketing platform. With all of these working smoothly together, you can focus on those elements that need the human touch: your content, your customer touch points, and your marketing.

We make it easy

In a nutshell, what you’ve just read is what we at Revisit Solutions do. It’s our area of expertise. To learn more about the specifics of what and how, and for some real-life case studies, download our SystemiseMe eBook.

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