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Feedback: Your 360º Lead Generator

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The Incentive to Improve

“Feedback is a gift.” It’s one of those platitudes of business that has become a mantra we tell ourselves after unwelcome criticism. But the truth is, feedback is one of the key ways you can fine-tune what you do, and convince new customers to try you.

Asking for feedback can take effort – and courage – and some customers find being asked for feedback is an intrusion. But knowing, from a user perspective, how your business is doing, what could be improved and what is working well, is a powerful tool for improvement.

Feedback builds commitment

To the customer, your request for feedback shows that you take them seriously and are committed to doing better. Giving that feedback invests them a little more deeply in you, either rationalising to themselves why they should come back, or giving you a reason to contact them again and report on the issue you have addressed.

You can also seek to use feedback, good and even not-so- good, as part of your marketing strategy. Our decisions are often influenced by something as simple as ‘what other people chose,’ so that customer recommendation can be the catalyst for another sale.

Robust, but unintrusive

There is an art to gathering feedback. It must be simple, it must be non- invasive – although in enough depth to feel genuine and sincere – and it must be measurable.

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