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You've converted a lead? Now What?

Winning is just the beginning.
Retention delivers the value.

It might feel like acquiring a customer, getting them to confirm a purchase or sign the contract, is a win. Heads up: it’s not. Actually, it’s Game On and there’s a lot of work ahead.

From the moment a customer decides to give you a try, you are creating a (hopefully) long term relationship with them, as well as applying everything you learn here to your future interactions.

It’s about relationships

It’s a cliché, but it’s true. From your first interaction, you are creating a relationship that can blossom and grow – or stagnate and die. Tiny things that may seem unnecessary, such as a ‘thank you for choosing us’ gift or a hand-written card – can separate you from other businesses.

Of course these processes can be automated, and arguably should be! But the ‘human touch’ can add warmth to other necessary steps – information gathering and sharing, opt-ins and agreements – and help your new customer feel welcomed and looked after.

… and it’s insane ROI

Nurture Change runs tropical island retreats for small business owners focused on wellness, motivation and success. Once a client has confirmed, they receive a gift voucher for a new pair of jandals to bring on their escape.

On arrival at the overseas destination, there’s more: a gift and a hand written card. Small gestures that add to the sense of being valued and create a lasting, positive relationship – as well as plenty of word-of-mouth referrals! That sense of being mutually valued, and showing appreciation, builds lasting relationships that, over the lifetime of the client through ongoing business and referrals, can pay higher dividends than any amount of lead generation and cold calling.What does your business do to suprise, delight and retain customers?

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