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Certified WorkflowMax Consultant

If it’s a basic CRM and quote / job / time management solution you’re after that also does your billing and integrates with Xero then you’d be wise to consider WorkflowMax.

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What is WorkflowMax?

There is a common misconception out there that WorkflowMax is purely an add-on to support Accountants. Yes, WorkflowMax has a Practice Manager module specifically for the Accounting industry; Xero saw the potential in the software to create a module to further support their Xero partners and it has been a great help to that vertical. But it is not the only industry that can benefit from this application.

Who is it for?

Any professional service / trade business that needs to bill on time and materials or fixed price jobs for that matter (while tracking time internally against a fixed price project to measure profitability), could benefit from using WorkflowMax. It’s easy data import features and CRM functionality cater to clients who need an easy-to-use, all-in-one CRM and basic lead management tool; combined with the quoting / job management and invoicing functionality.

How does it help?

When teamed up with software like Xero and iPayroll for example, a very affordable end-to-end business management tool is created that although may not cater for ALL of your desired workflow requirements, but certainly has the power to create significant improvements in your efficiency and provides you with up-to-the-minute reporting, enabling you to make far better business decisions based on fact.

How can help your business?


Having worked with WorkflowMax since 2007, we understand its functionality and have implemented it in various different ways to accommodate clients. Working from the strategic level through to the finer detail ensures a smooth implementation with an engaged team.

Tailored to suit you

We are happy to discuss your individual needs and develop a tailored implementation including:

  • Scoping
  • Strategic mapping session
  • Set up and test build
  • Implementation
  • Training (administrator and staff)

WorkflowMax Training

If you already have WorkflowMax and are looking for training, we can help. Our packages are available both in person and online training with a Certified WorkflowMax Consultant.

Talk to the Experts

Your marketing, sales, accounts and reporting systems are the inputs and outputs, but the real driving power is your delivery system – your engine. When the engine is running smoothly, your team can focus on the important things – like customer interactions, quality control, continuous improvement, and client satisfaction.

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