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Certified Keap and Infusionsoft by Keap Consultant since 2012

Grow your business and save time & resources with intelligent workflow and marketing automation.

Alex Dalzell, Director – Forensic Meth Services

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Certified Infusionsoft / Keap Consultant, here to help your business grow. No matter what stage you're at.

Whether you are looking at a new implementation of Keap or Infusionsoft by Keap, I can help. I will help you get it right the first time or if you’ve had the software for a while and need help making it work better for you, I can help with that too. In fact, most of my clients are existing users and together, we are growing businesses across New Zealand and Australia.

I also work within a community of specialists for any web development, graphic design, copywriting, videography or social media needs you might have – simply tell me what you are looking for and I’m happy to make the introduction.

Getting to know your business

It’s important that I get to know you, your business, your goals; your bottlenecks and challenges. Once I am engaged with you, we work together with your team to understand the way they work, streamline your operations so that your team is able to spend more time with your customers and prospects. And spending less time on unproductive, menial tasks.

As we work together, we seek out and uncover opportunities to grow your business whether it’s through analysing your data and implementing strategies to re-engage, cross-sell, upsell, refer new business; scaling up or developing additional revenue streams, we will develop & implement growth strategies together.

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“Kristin has an excellent understanding of Infusionsoft but more importantly, she understood my business. Those two factors combined gave me the best automation solution”.

Alex Dalzell, Director
Forensic Meth Services

“Kristin was a godsend. We were really struggling with Infusionsoft. Then, we found Kristin and all that changed. She quickly grasped our business priorities and helped us to implement effective marketing and business automations that truly met our objectives.”.

Christiana Stergiou (Co-Founder)

Assessment & Planning

To get to a point where I can make recommendations and develop a plan to get you humming again, we need to undertake an initial assessment together.

This assessment covers, at a high level, all aspects of your business from what you sell to whom and how. We get to grips with your numbers. We understand what your current sales / digital strategies are and what’s in place already.

We review your Infusionsoft / Keap application and develop a plan to help you leverage each stage of the buyer’s journey, ensuring you are capturing, nurturing & enticing your prospects and loving your customers and are making the most of the automation available to you to become as productive as you can operationally.

Focusing on continuous improvement in your business is something you do every day. Infusionsoft / Keap is mapped so tightly to your business that it needs the same attention. That’s where the magic happens.

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