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Business Process Mapping & Assessment

Business Process Mapping. Analysis of current strategy, resource, and workflow with recommendations.

How do you even …?

You can see the benefits of a streamlined marketing, business process mapping, sales process management, operational and reporting workflow management. You know your lead generation and conversion can become more efficient and your team better enabled. But where do you start – and how?

Know where you are

Step One is to analyse your current strategies and processes. What works, what doesn’t, and how efficient is it really? What are the friction points and bottlenecks, where does communication break down or the ball get dropped? Where, if anywhere, are you wasting your time, or even losing customers?

Know where you need to be

Step two is to plan your ideal process through Business Process Mapping. In consultation with your team, you can create a strategy from gathering leads, through nurturing and closing prospects, to an efficient CRM Systems and operational system, invoicing, and reporting. Sometimes with existing resource, other times throwing out the old and implementing the new. Preserving what works, improving what doesn’t.

The SystemiseMe™ Touch

Business Process Mapping, analysis, strategy, and implementation are our areas of expertise. Whether your business is in professional services or eCommerce, a more efficient workflow drops to the bottom line and simply equates to a stronger business with more profit and greater potential for growth. Taking the time to understand your business before we begin to talk systems is critical to help you achieve efficiency. Let us help you get to the point where you can work on the business, making data-driven decisions.

“If you are looking for, not just a customer automation software, but also to clarify your business message, your buyer persona and communication channels, Kristin will skillfully guide you through the whole process. She listens to your needs and wants, and kindly challenges you to define your offering, whilst keeping in mind possible software options and implications. I highly recommend working with Kristin at any point of your journey to expand you reach and automate your online engagement”

Ivana Bozicevic, Leadership Coach, New Zealand

Revisit can help with your Business Process Mapping...

Sometimes it takes an outsider to get a clear perspective on your business – its strengths, challenges and opportunities – and to help design a more efficient, effective workflow. That’s where we come in…get started with assistance with your Business Process Mapping.

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