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Business Process Automation Solutions

Our aim is to help you create systemised, automated processeses.

We help you manage everything from leads, to customer relationship management, to reporting, freeing your business up to do what it does best, and not losing the flexibility to let your stars shine.

Revisit Assessment2


Sometimes it takes an outsider to get a clear perspective on your business – its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats – and to help design a more efficient, effective workflow via business process management. That’s where Revisit Solutions comes in.

Lead Generation

Finding new customers is an essential part of a healthy business. Your marketing and customer touch points need to be built on knowing your customer, understanding their journey, speaking their language. By nurturing a lead you make the sale – and build a lasting relationship at the same time.



A sales process is like a machine: it can be well-engineered and efficient, or it can be clunky and uneconomical. From chasing the right leads, to a smooth and accurate ordering and delivery system; from invoicing to reporting, every part needs to work perfectly with every other in order to maximise performance.

Workflow & Productivity

Your marketing, sales, accounts and reporting systems are the inputs and outputs, but the real driving power is your delivery system – your engine. When the engine is running smoothly, your team can focus on the important things – like customer interactions, quality control, continuous improvement, and client satisfaction.


Want to know how we can help with your business process automation?

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